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    Energy saving and emission reduction is the direction strongly advocated by the country for no reason. In the home products, the original concept is also commonplace. In the past two years, a wave of LED energy saving has also emerged. However, at the end of 2012, the National Quality Supervision Bureau, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China conducted spot checks on LED lighting products, energy-saving lamps, road lighting, fire emergency lamps and electric light sources across the country. The results showed that the qualified rate of LED lighting products was only 51%. .

    In order to understand the current situation of LED lighting products in the Chengdu lighting market, the reporter walked into several professional lighting markets and secondary home stores in Chengdu.

    Where the price difference is expensive

    The reporter walked around the market as a consumer. Basically, every merchant did not want to sell the same brand of LED lighting products, and the price difference between different products was huge. Taking a 4 watt LED spotlight as an example, the price ranges from about 15 yuan to hundreds of yuan. The price of a small factory in Guangdong is basically around 15-40 yuan. The price of a well-known domestic brand costs about 70 yuan, while the prices of foreign brands such as Philips and OSRAM exceed one hundred yuan.

    When the reporter asked the merchant about the price difference, the merchant simply introduced "the quality is not the same". A merchant read a 15 yuan and a 500 yuan LED spotlight to demonstrate to reporters. After powering on, the merchant pointed at one of them and said, "The person who has some brighter lights must have better quality." At another merchant, the same problem was pointed at a slightly darker LED light. " The light is soft and not dazzling, and the quality is obviously better ", but it will show that the bright one will become very dark after half a year, and when it is necessary to illuminate ...

    There is a saying that there is a business that cuts out different reporters, making the reporter confused. Regarding the service life of the products, most of the manufacturers in the lighting market advertise that "the service life is more than 10,000 hours, and the service life of the family should be more than 8 years", but correspondingly, the warranty period provided must generally For 2 years, there is no way to say that the service life seems to be a "theoretical concept".

    Good or bad quality is difficult for ordinary consumers to identify

    With a lot of doubts about LED lighting products, the reporter interviewed Mr. Luo who has been engaged in LED product sales for many years. He told reporters that from the depth of actual use, the quality of LED lights can be evaluated from color temperature, power, and life. The LED lights used in some showcases have relatively high color temperature requirements. It is necessary to ensure that the color of the exhibits does not want to be distorted under the illumination of the LED lights. The more important is the power and service life for household use. Those indicators must be professional The instrument can also determine that it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the quality of the product only by comparison. "The LED market ca n’t be confused. Sometimes relatives and relatives who buy a car do n’t know which is a good product or which is a low-quality one. Manufacturers have their own opinions, and relatives, relatives, and dealers must make a little money with the flow." Mr. Luo Helplessly said. Indeed, judging from the current market conditions, the chaotic price of LED lighting products and the mixed quality of products cannot be the biggest factor hindering consumers' choice.

    Already, the reporter interviewed IKEA, which is promoting LED lighting products, and its relevant person in charge said that IKEA plans to replace all lighting products with LED lights by 2016. From the perspective of professional depth 1, LED lights do have certain advantages. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, LED lights can save 85% of energy and increase their service life by 20 years. However, the person in charge also stated that it is impossible for the domestic consumer LED lighting product market to still appear to be less mature. I understand and accept LED lighting products, and the Medical Association will use the sentences of mature sentences. What are the sentences? What are the pictures? What are the picture standard LED products? There is still a way to go. .