Home appliance industry enters a new era of consumption, industry giant Electrolux comprehensively consolidates emerging markets

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    Summary: When relatives and people are fortunate whether they can eat delicious cold drinks the day before the hot summer, we should thank Elek Winergreen, the founder of Electrolux. Electrolux produced the first domestic refrigerator in 1925. Earlier in 1912, Elke also invented the world's first domestic vacuum cleaner.

    When relatives and people are fortunate whether they can eat delicious cold drinks the day before the hot summer, we should thank Elek Winergreen, the founder of Electrolux. Electrolux produced the first domestic refrigerator in 1925. Earlier in 1912, Elke also invented the world's first domestic vacuum cleaner.

    Can you say that the development of the home appliance giant Electrolux from Sweden has witnessed the history of the global home appliance industry.

    Time has passed for nearly a century, and the home appliance industry is changing with the world. Nowadays, the home appliance industry has entered a new stage of consumption upgrade, and it is developing in a trend of high efficiency and energy saving. Global appliance giants have also taken advantage of this trend to actively consolidate emerging markets.

    Huge room for home appliance market growth

    The global home appliance industry is developing steadily. According to data from the German Federal Association of the Electrical Industry (ZVEI), in the relative and human power sector, each category of kitchen and restaurant appliances has achieved rapid growth, including 21% for induction cookers and 16 for steam stoves. %, Washing and drying machines increased by 10%. The growth rate of smart small appliances from 2015 to 2016 was as high as 105%. In the small home appliance market, fully automatic coffee machines have still achieved substantial growth, and robotic vacuum cleaners, food processors, milk shake machines, multi-function cookers, and personal care appliances have also achieved good growth. Last year, sales of rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaners increased by 35%, sales of smart connected electronic scales increased by 30%, electric toothbrushes increased by 13%, and robotic vacuum cleaners increased by 16%.

    Global appliance giant Electrolux's second-quarter 2017 financial report can also reflect this person's situation report. According to the financial report released by Electrolux on July 19, Beijing time: Electrolux's global sales in the last two days of 2017 increased by 3.9% year-on-year, and operating profit increased by 23% year-on-year; the natural growth rate of the Asia-Pacific region in the last two days of 2017 was 7.3%, operating profit increased by 31% year-on-year.

    Recently, the global appliance giant Electrolux has been operating in China frequently. In May, it signed an agreement with Midea Group to establish long-term strategic media cooperation in the Chinese market and set up joint ventures to lay out the high-end market for Chinese household appliances. In July, in Zhejiang Jiaxing held a conference to launch the water purification and HVAC market, finalizing that Electrolux officially entered the Chinese market.

    In the 20 years since entering the Chinese market, Electrolux has always loved the depth of the Chinese market. China has a huge middle class. With the accumulation of wealth, people are not eager to own high-end appliances to improve the lives of their families. Opportunities are culturally and regionally diverse, and there are many different needs to develop different tastes and styles. Numerous Chinese and international brands are participating in the competition, and being able to provide differentiated products will place them in the future. For Electrolux, this is both an opportunity and a challenge, and it is the direction of continuous development in China.

    New Trends in Home Appliance Development: Intelligent

    The 2017 Berlin Home Appliances Fair (IFA), which passed the day before, reflects the new characteristics of the development of the home appliance market. Home appliances are not allowed to have interconnected functions and unique intelligent daemons. Whether the user can control this person's electrical appliance through the mobile device, and whether he can grasp the maintenance, repair and service information of the home appliance through this person's intelligent daemon. In addition, the behavior trajectory of home appliance users is also recorded and fed back to the manufacturers, so that relatives and people can design new products that better understand the users. There are so many smart home appliances that cannot be intelligent. Users are gradually getting used to the new generation of home appliances. In the future, they will also look forward to more intelligent and personalized home appliances.

    The appliance giants at the forefront of the industry have already learned this person's information and have begun to consolidate this person's emerging market in English. As a global leader in the home appliance industry, Electrolux sells more than 40 million products to customers in 30 countries (regions) each year, including refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and stoves. Innate innovation genes allow relatives and people to focus on innovative technologies, and to design intimately based on a broad and in-depth understanding of users. The first vacuum cleaner, the first absorption refrigerator, the first domestic washing machine, the first fluorine-free refrigerator, the first internet refrigerator ... This technological innovation that benefits mankind all comes from Electrolux.

    Recently, the industry-leading SousVide low-temperature cooking steam oven and full steam oven series were displayed for the first time at the Electrolux Food Research Institute at Shanghai Bund No. 5. Can the product series intuitively switch between the functions of a standard fan-assisted oven Use steam the day before. Steam cooking is not only the best soil method for cooking two healthy vegetables . Chance of vitamin B and mineral content is maintained at a certain level. There are two best soil methods for ensuring the tenderness of meat and fish, especially By slow roasting, it provides softness without the risk of overcooking.

    It is reported that Electrolux also has the opportunity to successively introduce "Comfort Lift dishwashers that have won internationally recognized iF design awards" and MAXISENSE embedded induction cookers. Electrolux stated that the company is optimistic about the industry and the Chinese market, and will continue to make full use of its own brand advantages and technological innovation strength to launch high-quality products suitable for Chinese consumer habits.

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