Bull breaks the engineering market and top 100 developers go to ancient times to talk about today

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    Summary: On July 22, Youcai joined hands with Huaxia Happiness, Zhengrong, Capital, Dahua, Shenglong, Longguang, Zhongliang and other top 100 real estate companies in purchasing, design and cost, and came to history at the same time. Cixi, a millennium ancient town with a deep cultural roots, is located in the factory of the Bull Group. While enjoying the historical architectural culture, it is also exploring the new demands and changes in the industry's products under the current trend of full decoration .

    On July 22, the great heat was the hottest and hottest period of the year, and the footsteps of the more or less excellent mining platform stopped more and more. With enthusiasm that was as high as the temperature, Youcai joined hands with Huaxia for happiness, Zhengrong, The person in charge of procurement, design, and cost of more than 20 top 100 real estate companies such as Beijing Capital, Dahua, Shenglong, Longguang, and Zhongliang. At the same time, they came to Cixi, the hometown of small appliances, where the factory of the Bull Group is located, and enjoyed the history of architectural culture At the same time, explore the industry's new demand for new products and changes in the current trend of complete decoration.

    Factory inspection refreshes bulls with more than just sockets

    Bull's patch panel is the most familiar to every family today. Excellent product quality, word of mouth. However, through this inspection, I learned that although I and I as early as 5008, the Bull Group established Ningbo Bull Electric Co., Ltd. to start the switch socket business. Since 2015, he has been promoted to the number one in the industry and has now become a strong rising star!

    In the bull's production workshop, Xu Xianzhou, the head of the Bull Group's large customer center, led the delegation to visit the production center, three-dimensional warehouse center, exhibition halls, laboratories, bull's automated production workshop, modern three-dimensional warehouse, nearly a hundred sets of advanced Equipment, automatic feeding, man-machine combination mode, and three-dimensional warehouse with international standards not only standardize the production process, but also ensure the excellent quality of bull wall switch products. In the exhibition hall, everyone watched the panel designs of different series and different colors, such as simple, light luxury and luxury. President Xu said that for customized products, Bull Decoration Switch adheres to customer-centricity, quick response, and 3M rapid customization!

    Where to go under the trend of exchange and docking hardcover

    Zhang Liwei, Vice President of China Real Estate Association

    In the communication and docking session, Zhang Liwei, the vice president of the China Real Estate Association, delivered a speech first, affirming the achievements of the Bull Group in the 10 years of deep cultivation, and it is an absolute leader in the civilian electrical industry. At the same time, I believe that in the future hardcover engineering market, the bull will be too big and can use "product value" and "service value" to help developers do better supporting services.

    Guoqiang Li, Vice President of Marketing, Bull Group

    At present, the industry is fiercely competitive, and the diversified development strategy has become an important development tool for companies that are too big and too big, but the implementation effect is significantly different. For the future development direction of the Bull, Li Guoqiang, vice president of marketing at the Bull Group, pointed out that Easily follow a diversified development strategy, focusing on only three aspects to consider: product strategy, people's word of mouth, and own channel development.

    In advance, the excellent mining delegation also conducted in-depth discussions with the Bulls on the pain points of the development of switch panels, standards and the company's company cooperation model. Through this inspection, the developers have expressed their recognition of the production strength of bull companies, and have also broken the traditional concept of bulls. They believe that bulls will be the pride of national brands.

    Xu Xianzhou, Head of Bull Group Key Account Center

    Through this exchange and interaction, both the supply and demand sides have a better understanding of each other's needs and directions. Although Bull entered the engineering market for the first time, he was also full of confidence. At the end of the exchange meeting, President Xu said that based on the company's strong delivery strength and service outlets covering the whole country, Bull could fully cooperate with developers' national project products on the road to the engineering market. Supply and after-sales service, have confidence to take every step in the future.

    Prior to the inspection and exchange, the delegation also walked into the millennium Cixi ancient town, visited the classics of Chinese ancient architecture, and felt the integration and iteration of history.

    Youcai platform continues to make procurement more efficient

    From time to time, China's real estate procurement platform has continued to innovate in terms of industry resource sharing and evaluation, and joint procurement in addition to maintaining a strong information end. This walk into the bull factory and exhibition hall is also one of the many offline activities of the procurement platform. We hope to realize joint procurement through ingenious journeys, joint inspections, joint evaluations, etc., and create conditions for housing companies to reduce costs, scale production of suppliers, and batch orders.

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