Liu Quan, Marketing Director of Gemdale Group Shandong Company: Shangshan Ruoshuitiandao is the most caring female real estate agent

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    她,征战职场,英姿飒爽;她,左手工作,右手生活,以实力为另一方代言。 Inscription: She is fighting in the workplace, with a good attitude; she is working with her left hand, living with her right hand, and using strength to speak for the other party. From time to time, she strives to make the other party live a beautiful life, inadvertently softening the real estate industry of reinforced concrete forging, erasing the rigidity and coldness of the real estate industry. She is not struggling with the real estate roses on the front line of the island real estate!

    Now that Jindi is being mentioned in Qingdao, I don't believe everyone is impressed. Since entering the island city for the first time last year, Gemdale has achieved a good opening of 1 billion, and has set a reputation in the city, becoming an object for the island city to compete for possession.

    As one of the top ten real estate brands in the country, Gemdale will go through 28 years since its establishment. Adhering to the mission of "scientific building house", it has laid out seven major regions in the country and refined six major business areas to form eight major product series. In the ambition of one wing and two wings, we are rapidly moving towards the goal of "China's most valuable international enterprise". Gemdale? Yuefeng is Gemdale's first project in Qingdao. Once it was launched, it was highly sought after by the people of Daocheng.

    With the coming of Women's Day, Qingdao Leju made an exclusive interview with Ms. Liu Quan, the marketing director of Gemdale Group Shandong Company, listening to her real estate experience for more than ten years and witnessing her real estate art career.

    Along the way, meet the most beautiful side in building a dream

    Calm, atmospheric, rational, I believe that no matter who she is, Liu Quan was attracted by her temperament for the first time. Talking deeply, you will find that behind this gentle, easy-going woman's love, he has a tougher temperament and thinking than men.

    Leju learned from the conversation that Liu Quan has been in real estate for more than ten years. From the grassroots to the senior management, Liu Quan has another footstep in the road of her real estate. Along the way, there are naturally bumps and setbacks. When asked about the reasons that supported her to go on, Liu Quan said lightly: "I also have a hard work in my bones and I like to do challenging things. Motivation. And because I can persist, because I have n’t done what the other party likes, it will bring me the joy of going from time to time, pushing me on the road of dreaming. Real estate must Now I am grateful that it is not the industry that I have been relying on to truly be myself. "

    ?? Not afraid of difficulties, just to be closer to dreams but

    In 2015, Liu Quan's words were "a year of sweat and glory."

    Not the year she met with Gemdale, and together with Qingdao Gemdale's team, achieved the successful landing of Gemdale's brand in Qingdao, and its Gemdale? Yuefeng also achieved the first success of soaring 1 billion.

    Gemdale? Yuefeng is Gemdale ’s first project in Qingdao. The brand-new present is also due to new challenges. As Gemdale ’s debut in this city, Rubao passed the brand temperament to the audience. It is a marketing team led by Liu Quan From the moment I started thinking about where the problem is.

    In August, a brand sensation in the industry and beyond, but people witnessed the momentum of Jindi's first entry into the island city. In Qingdao, it is not uncommon to have high-standard real estate brand conferences. It is precisely the sincerity of Gemdale to choose to enter the city with another solemn basis. "The real brand landing is to fall into the hearts of people. Taking heart is the first priority." In order for Gemdale to have another and good interaction with the city, at the brand launch stage, Yue Feng has created a series of "Famous Men's Trilogy" videos, which explain the forward power belonging to the famous men from three aspects: where the feelings are, family and feelings, and spread quickly on WeChat, and received a strong response. .

    In 2015, almost every day was filled with large and small meetings and events, but not the hardest and most tiring day. Instead, it made Liu Quan's most memorable memories. It ’s all worth it. I ’m honored to have to be part of another team with another positive energy. The days when we go together should be remembered most. ”

    Enjoying work and earnest life. There is another balance before home and career.

    The industry chain of the real estate industry is very long, and there is no link. Do n’t want to do a good job in the real estate industry. Women who love practitioners must maximize the potential of the other party and mobilize the Chinese wisdom, experience, and capabilities of the other party. I also have to invest more energy myself. Rubao takes work and life into consideration and becomes a headache for real estate people.

    When referring to other issues, Liu Quan and the female realtors responded the same. Work and family must always be taken into account, but it is especially important to balance the relationship between the two. Liu Quan said: "The other party's heart must be adjusted to the best situation before the balance of the outside world will be achieved."

    "If you have the intention, you will never betray your family if you are busy with your work. You will always take the time to get close to your family. It is not the work in the world where you have to give up your life. Plan and control the time of the other side, life will be full of joy and work will be motivated. "

    Build a heartfelt house with Jindi

    As a real estate person who has been in the real estate industry for more than ten years, Liu Quan does not have another unique understanding of architecture . She said: "Architecture should be a reflection of the value of human beings to one's self. The residence should be a spiritual trust, and the fun, wisdom, and beauty of life can be harvested from the landscape. The scale of the building must be the scale of the self. Build a house, pay tribute to people with rigorous and scientific basis. "

    Gemdale? Yuefeng is depicting the life of famous people with the concept of "spiritual spirit of architecture". No matter it is the top ten landscape systems, the creation of Mingshitang, or the community planning and property services, we can see the small ones and see the little ones to pay tribute to the urban elites who "successfully move forward on the road to success".

    "But people must 'do more but', 'take the heart but', and give their feelings to the building." Building a good house is "the reality of building construction", which is the most basic work that a housing enterprise must do. On top of this, Liu Quan believes that there is another excellent real estate enterprise that should also be "virtual and imaginative" so that the product goes beyond the physical attribute level and is not a spiritual totem.

    Referring to the development of Jindi in Shandong in the new year, Liu Quan said that the Jindi Yuefeng project will have commercial and hardcover upgrade products successively launched this year, and the company is also actively seeking new high-quality plots. "," Green "and more. In Yantai, Jindi Lanyue and Jindi Green World will continue to launch new products to seize the Yantai market. They are also looking to enter Jinan but in cities in the province.

    Conclusion: Doing more professional things in the professional field is Liu Quan's expectation of the other party from time to time. The harder it is, the harder it is to fight for it, just like trying hard to pay off in the end, just like stepping over the thorns to welcome the glow of the sun, and everything you pay is engraved into the bones. At the end of the interview, Liu Quan also used Qingdao Leju to send holiday blessings to the vast number of women who loved former stars Weibo. "I wish you all a happy holiday! I hope women love but let you keep going before the new year and dream of the other party."

    Real Estate Rose Recommended Project: Jindi Yuefeng

    Recommended reason: Gemdale · Yuefeng is the first real estate project developed by Gemdale Group in Qingdao. The unique Laoshan area is the value highland of the Qingdao property market from time to time, and the land resources in its core area are very scarce. Qingdao is the 27th city where Gemdale has settled in the country. The first project aims to become a new landmark of Qingdao city. To this end, Gemdale Group and the local strength developer-Madison Group have joined forces to spend huge sums of money to chase the remaining large gold plots in the Sheshan area, showing the momentum of the king.

    The project is located in a rare area of Laoshan District, close to Guoxin Stadium, and has an excellent location, which has completed the project's well-developed supporting facilities: rich commercial centers such as the Great Thumb Plaza and RT-Mart are within easy reach; Qingdao Experimental Second Key Middle School is surrounded by nearby, Provide high-quality educational resources; convenient transportation network with three vertical and three horizontal directions, and M2 / M4 dual subway loops, and transportation is extremely convenient; Qilu Hospital, Fuxin Hospital, Youth Affiliated Hospital, and Women's and Children's Hospital escorting health ; · Yuefeng realizes the human settlement value above the land value of the city.

    Gemdale Real Estate's latest R & D landscape achievement "350 ° Healthy Home" was first applied to Gemdale · Yuefeng. The project delves into the ten landscape systems from the three dimensions of time, space and age. The content of the garden pays more attention to the functionality and practicability of the landscape. It is not only available for viewing but also has to be involved. It will create a highly engaged interactive community for the residents. Spiritual pleasure.

    On October 31, 2015, the first phase of Gemdale Yuefeng officially opened. Within 3 hours, it had solicited 1 billion yuan. It successively achieved the highest number of openings and broke the record of the Qingdao property market. The total amount of funds raised during the year was more than 1.2 billion. In 2016, Jindi · Yuefeng 90-190㎡ hardcover refined products will be available soon, and it will make pure life under the name of "Five Hearts Hardcover Home". Daocheng Mingshi, stay tuned!