No loss in Tiantiandi project behind Country Garden's 308.8 billion sales

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    Summary: From 140.16 billion yuan in 2015 to 50.88 billion yuan in 2016, Country Garden achieved a 120% increase in performance. At the Spring Festival in Hong Kong on January 19, Country Garden President Mo Bin said that all Country Garden projects in 2016 brought good returns to the company.

    From 140.16 billion yuan in 2015 to 500.84 billion yuan in 2016, Country Garden achieved a 120% increase in performance. At the Spring Festival in Hong Kong on January 19, Country Garden President Mo Bin said that all Country Garden projects in 2016 brought good returns to the company.

    Country Garden vice president and spokesman Zhu Jianmin said that Country Garden ’s 508.8 billion yuan is a very high gold content. Zhu Jianmin told reporters that in 2016, no project in Country Garden had a loss, and the average profit rate of the project was more than 15%. Various growth indicators, such as repayment, have improved to a certain extent, and this year has better prospects.

    It is understood that Country Garden also set a "screaming target" in 2017. I don't think the specific amount has been signed yet, and Zhu Jianmin told reporters that Country Garden Chairman Yang Guoqiang likes that one or four English words are "double".

    2016: How to achieve 508.8 billion yuan in sales?

    Country Garden, which skipped 500 billion yuan directly and entered the 500 billion mark, is undoubtedly the focus of the industry in 2016.

    Zhu Jianmin said that in 2016, Country Garden had a high gold content of 508.8 billion yuan in sales, and none of the projects lost money. At the same time, the average profit rate of the projects was above 15%, and various growth indicators such as repayments have improved. The Forest City project achieved sales of 150 billion yuan in 2016, and realized positive operating cash flow. About 50 billion yuan was invested, and the repayment amounted to 50 billion to 7 billion yuan. The net profit margin was as high as 20%.

    How to make the project loss-free, what kind of explosive power does Country Garden hide on the shoulder of "Screaming Target"? A relevant person in charge of Country Garden said in an interview with the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that a good team and mechanism played an important role. With the implementation of the partner system, Country Garden realized the benefit sharing, risk sharing, and advancement and retreat of employees and the company at the same time. Operating quality and baud rate.

    It is understood that in 2016, there were 58 Country Garden concentric sharing projects and 310 were started. The 310 concentric sharing projects achieved a sales scale of 261.2 billion yuan, and the cumulative annualized return on its own funds was about 78%. The average return time of funds was 8. Another one to four months. Compared with the introduction of the partner man-machine mechanism for 168 projects at the end of 2015, the sales volume of 73 sets reached 33.8 billion yuan, and Country Garden's partner mechanism played a more prominent role in performance.

    At the same time, Country Garden's marketing system structure was adjusted. A person in charge of Country Garden told the reporter of the Daily Economic News that in 2016, Country Garden marketing implemented the district system for the first time and completed the construction of 7 districts. The original 3 and 4 marketing areas were split and fissioned, and 56 were newly added. Country Garden headquarters provides good service support and control, and the region accurately assists in the construction of regional platforms.

    In 2016, Country Garden's heavy warehouse sales in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangqing and Huishen ranked top, achieving sales of 36.7 billion, 500.8 billion, 21.1 billion, and 17.3 billion yuan, respectively.

    The competition between Country Garden areas is very fierce and has a deep wolf culture . It is understood that whether the annual sales of 50 billion yuan, net profit exceeded 50 billion regional total, can all be promoted to the group vice president. Jiangsu Regional President Liu Senfeng and Shanghai Soviet Region Xie Jinxiong have been promoted to Group Vice Presidents. However, this is dynamic. It is possible that the next year's performance will reach the standards of 50 billion yuan in annual sales and 50 billion yuan in net profit.

    Your competition mechanism has played an important role in enhancing regional competition awareness and combat effectiveness. For important regional cities, Country Garden has adopted an open competitive attitude. It is understood that Shanghai, as the core city of the Yangtze River Delta , is besieged by 6 regions at the same time.

    2017: What goals can make Country Garden scream?

    Just as Country Garden crossed the 100 billion mark in 2013, after standing on the scale of 500 billion yuan in 2016, the industry is concerned about whether Country Garden in 2017 can achieve stable growth and maintain its thickness.

    Regarding the specific amount of the 2017 target, Country Garden has not given a clear figure. Zhu Jianmin revealed that Country Garden had "screaming targets" in 2017, and another one or four English words that Yang Guoqiang recently liked were "double".

    Under the policy's macro- control , how Country Garden will maintain the rapid growth of its performance is a difficult subject and puts forward higher requirements for Country Garden's combat effectiveness.

    Zhu Jianmin said that there is no people ’s congress in the market. Country Garden will maintain its current growth baud rate in 2017. In the absence of small market space, Country Garden will have to increase its market share. For example, in the Shandong market, the market share of Country Garden is only 2%, which does not match the country's top three positions in the country. Country Garden will continue to grow and become stronger.

    In the future, Country Garden will focus on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions with Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen as the focus. According to Zhu Jianmin's analysis, from the 2016 China real estate sales map, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen are close to each other, including the Zhengzhou market, which is a popular area for real estate. In the future, efforts will be strengthened.

    In order to maintain rapid and stable growth, Country Garden maintained a land-baud rate of one land a day in 2016. According to the information signed by Country Garden, the estimated construction area for acquiring land for another one to four months before 2016 is 76.87 million square meters, with a total cost of approximately 149.76 billion yuan. Among them, the expected construction area of the company's equity owner is about 55.64 million square meters, the total consideration is about 104.98 billion yuan, and the average land price is about 1887 yuan / square meter. Based on the target market and the land price of the company's equity owner, the proportion of first- and second-tier cities in the country's acquisition of land is about 65%.

    According to Zhu Jianmin, nearly 70% of new projects in 2016 were through corporate collaboration and acquisitions. Country Garden insists that you don't take the land where the flour is more expensive than the bread, and another one or four items are added every day. In 2017, taking the land will also maintain your baud rate.

    Overseas, Country Garden has completed 7 projects in Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and other countries. It is understood that Country Garden is still expanding its overseas market layout, buying new plots in forest cities, and may start construction at the moment. In 2018, four world-class golf courses will be built and another one or four international golf tournaments will be introduced.

    In terms of regional structure management, Country Garden has also made changes. Currently, the president of Country Garden Guangzhou-Shenzhen region has also served as the president of India, and the president of Hainan region has also served as the president of Indonesia. Zhu Jianmin told reporters that Country Garden's past regional presidents will implement "1 + 1", and all will serve concurrently one or four overseas markets.

    Talking about the development in 2017, Country Garden officials said in an interview with reporters that while pursuing scale growth, Country Garden must also maintain high quality. In the future, one-two-three-four-fifth-tier cities will open fire, focusing on the development of residential real estate and Relevant education and special supply industries; continue to implement the industry-city integration strategy, develop science and technology towns, and actively investigate in countries along the "Belt and Road", and are currently expanding in India, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Russia , Vietnam, etc market.

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