Jinan: Look back at solar "strong order" in three years

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    Summary: At the end of 2013, Jinan issued a “strong installation order” for 100-meter building solar energy , requiring that high-rise buildings below 100 meters also have a synchronous design and installation of solar water heating systems from 2014. Today, some national “highest” standards have been implemented for more than three years, and the “armoring order” has been steadily advancing and achieved great achievements: According to incomplete statistics, since the policy was issued, Jinan has implemented solar energy for high-rise buildings. There are more than 100 hot water system application projects with more than 1 million square meters, saving more than 900,000 tons of standard coal, reducing methane acetylene gas emissions by nearly 1.932 million tons, saving 250 million kilowatt hours of electricity, and making a significant contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction.

    In the past three years, the "Strengthening Order" has been highly evaluated and fully recognized by the higher authorities, the real estate industry and the solar energy industry. The Shandong Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and the Shandong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Office ") and the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission (hereinafter referred to as the" Provincial Economic and Information Commission ") have issued papers proposing to promote the" Hundred Meters Order "in the province. Many provinces and cities are also considering the promotion of this policy.

    Jinan takes the lead in vocalizing the nation ’s first solar “strong installation order”

    In 1007, Jinan City issued a policy to promote the application of solar water heating systems for buildings with less than 12 floors. However, in 2012, with the continuous growth of urban buildings, there were fewer new buildings that meet the requirements for solar installation. The application seems to have come to an end.

    In order to reverse my situation, comply with the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, increase the application rate of renewable energy sources , and reduce the safety hazards of high-rise building owners installing solar energy themselves, the Jinan Urban and Rural Construction Committee turned its attention to the solar energy of high-rise buildings. application.

    In order to verify the feasibility of some ideas, the Urban and Rural Construction Committee of Jinan City conducted a survey for up to six months. After repeated verification and verification of the relevant data and information, it was finally concluded that the way to install solar energy in high-rise buildings not only works, but has a long time to come. The reason why I think, is mainly based on the following three points: First, the technology of high-rise building light and heat application is not possible. What is the premature period? In the previous year, solar thermal technology developed rapidly, breaking through some difficulties and achieving some innovations. The full version of the existing technology is conducive to supporting the installation of high-rise buildings. Second, Jinan has a number of nationally renowned solar energy backbone enterprises and brands, forming It has integrated the solar industry cluster integrating production, learning and research; the third is the practice of high-rise solar thermal applications with millions of square meters. Although there was no “forced order” at that time, some units and companies with strategic vision and environmental awareness have just started to explore and accumulate and form a full set of experiences.

    According to the survey results, the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Committee has formed a "Report on Accelerating the Integrated Application of Solar Water Heating Systems for High-Rise Buildings". It is recommended to promote the application of solar water heating systems in high-rise buildings below 100 meters in Jinan City. Reply. On December 4, 2013, the People's Government of Jinan issued the “Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Development of Green Buildings ”, which clearly stipulates: “Since 2014, the full version of new residential buildings below 100 meters and public buildings that supply hot water intensively Designed according to the requirements of solar water heating system and building integration. "

    So far, the first “strong installation order” for solar hot water systems in high-rise buildings nationwide was officially born in Jinan. According to estimates, the height of "hundred meters" is 33 meters from meters. This also means that after the implementation of the "New Deal", almost all new houses in Jinan need to be installed with solar energy.

    Fill in blanks of national standards and prepare integrated solar energy design plans for high-rise buildings

    From the 12th floor to the 33rd floor, not only did I have a high level of upgrade, but also an upgrade in technology and quality. How should I set up installation technical standards, design standards, and project acceptance mechanisms to ensure the implementation of the "strong installation order". There are also supervisors. Things to consider before the department.

    It is impossible that there is no “atlas” for the design and installation of high-rise solar energy applications in the country. The technical standards and the best and best methods are not conducive to the standardized operation and promotion of high-rise solar energy applications. In order to fill the gap and meet the prerequisites as soon as possible, Jinan Urban and Rural Construction Commission entrusted Shandong Tongyuan Design Group Co., Ltd., a leading unit in Shandong's architectural design industry, to lead the development of "Jinan City Solar Water Heating System Building Integrated Design Plans", which is also the first in the country. A design code for the integration of solar hot water and high-rise buildings not only contains the centralized heat-collecting hot water system that has been used for a few drops, but also includes new products of decentralized water tanks, related design instructions and detailed installation drawings. It is suitable for all kinds of newly-built, reconstructed and expanded civil buildings. Compared with traditional technology, the new design and construction specifications emphasize safety principles a little, and clarify that concrete pallets should be designed before all solar installation locations, just like air-conditioning pallets. They must be uniformly constructed and installed before they are returned. Supervision personnel, after acceptance by relevant departments, thereby improving product safety. Floors and units that are not suitable for installing solar water heaters, such as low-rise floors and insufficient sunlight exposure time, cannot be north-facing and cannot be exposed to the sun at all. Jinan City has also issued regulations to replace with energy-saving products. In addition, Jinan City has also formulated and issued "Key Points for the Design and Construction of Solar Hot Water Systems for High-rise Buildings." This point focuses on effectiveness and practicability. It moves the timing of some important nodes forward, and at the same time, it demonstrates key links such as design, installation, and acceptance. It is the first regulatory document for solar application management of high-rise buildings.

    Selecting tough products to strengthen the foundation of the "installation order" In the early implementation of the "installation order", many people in the industry questioned the quality of solar products, thinking that the current situation of mixed fisheries and uneven product quality would make the policy effective. discount. Jinan's industry authorities are also aware of some problem reports. Given that high-rise buildings also have special requirements for the quality, installation, and maintenance of solar products, the required safety factor is far greater than the use of low-rise buildings. There are many solar companies and brands at the moment, with good and bad. In order to ensure the quality and safety of high-rise applications After careful consideration, Jinan Urban and Rural Construction Committee organized the collection of solar water heating systems and energy-saving alternative recommended products for high-rise buildings. This is a "big test" for solar energy production enterprises. First of all, the company must meet the requirements of "registered capital of not less than 1 million yuan", "more than 3 years of production and application experience", "commitment of more than 5 years warranty period", "no bad records", "certain high-rise buildings (18 floors or more) ) Application examples "," Foreign enterprises must have a fixed maintenance point or office in Jinan "and other requirements are conducive to passing the preliminary examination; the preliminary examination is a long time for expert review, which is the key to getting an" entry ticket ". Product performance and the application unit's application performance, maintenance services and other aspects of review and demonstration, so that the choice of the enterprise is qualified as a finalist.

    The "frame" was also used to ensure the quality and service of the solar water heating system after installation. The relevant person in charge of the industry competent department stated that the "admission system" is equivalent to setting up a firewall for the industry and providing users with two safety nets. So far, the city has recommended a total of 3 batches of 24 enterprises "finalists." After the shortlisted company has a "lifetime system", those who are in a major quality and safety accident and have not achieved substantial performance within two years are automatically cleared out, and then "finalists" need to be re-declared.

    Intensify project supervision and incorporate solar energy into the completion and acceptance process. “The original intention of the“ strong installation order ”is good, but there must be a strict acceptance link to ensure it.” Huang Junpeng, deputy secretary general of the Solar Energy Building Integration Professional Committee of China Building Energy Self-study It seems that the best way to promote solar energy in high-rise buildings, whether it is the best engineering design or the best installation, is more complicated, and a rigorous set of acceptance procedures must be run to ensure it. In order to ensure the “unchanging taste” in the promotion process of “Strengthening Order”, Jinan City has added a “Special Acceptance Check for Building Energy Efficiency” program to construction management since 2014, which clearly stipulates that projects that do not pass the building energy saving level shall not be delivered for use. At the same time, the solar energy quality acceptance was incorporated into the operation of the “Special Energy Efficiency Acceptance for Buildings” program. It is not possible to consider solar water heaters in the design of new dwellings below 100 meters. The quality of solar water heaters or solar energy is not enough, and it cannot pass the completion inspection of the project. Changing the "soft index" into a "hard bar" has an epoch-making significance in promoting and strengthening building energy conservation work. As an industry insider said, having a policy to escort is tantamount to setting up a firewall for the industry and discouraging some companies trying to fish in troubled waters. At the same time of "checking and accepting customs", Jinan City has also established a "quality service tracking publicity system" for solar water heaters. The traditional solar product warranty period is 3 years. After investigation in Jinan City, it was found that the 3 year time limit is too short, the responsibility of the solar energy company is too small, and the full version of the modern product warranty period can be extended. According to regulations, the warranty period for solar hot water systems in high-rise buildings in Jinan is 5 years, and “accident, warranty statistics”, “service quality questionnaires”, selection of “customer satisfaction products”, and “quality service quantitative indicators and the“ finalists ”system are adopted. The best and best way is to deal with the problem reports such as "install once, leave once, and finish as soon as possible" to ensure that the 5-year warranty is implemented.

    24 solar companies jointly resist the initiative to resist low bids

    Riding on the east wind of the solar “strengthening order”, the solar engineering market has developed rapidly, and the broad market prospects have attracted many solar manufacturers to dig into the Jinan engineering market. However, at the same time as market share soared, problem reports also followed: some unscrupulous companies used unfair competition to reduce prices and quality, and lower service standards, which not only caused market confusion, but also caused product cut-offs. , Report on issues such as good charge, poor quality, and shrinking service.

    To this end, 24 solar energy self-study member units such as Linorite and Sangle jointly launched an initiative, calling on all manufacturing companies in the industry to resist the bad behavior of low-price bidding at the same time, to create a fair, open, and orderly market competition environment, so that high-level Building solar water heating systems are both "useful and adequate" and "useful and durable."

    At the initiative meeting held in July 2015, 24 companies unanimously stated that they did not participate in low-price bidding and did not provide low-quality products. They met the national, provincial and municipal standards, regulations, and the "Jinan City" Under the premise of documents such as the design and construction guidelines for solar hot water systems (including energy-saving alternative products) for high-rise buildings in the city, it is proposed that the bid price of flat-type solar water heaters in the Jinan Engineering Market is not less than 100 yuan / set (contains production and installation, After-sales costs).

    The proposal also recommends that enterprises should monitor each other and restrict each other, and at the same time prevent the emergence of low-price and bad competition, and report any serious violations of the company or project to the competent authority in a timely manner. At the same time, it is recommended that the competent authorities strictly investigate and deal with the relevant national, provincial and municipal regulations and the Implementation Opinions of the Jinan Urban and Rural Construction Committee on the Promotion and Application of Solar Water Heating Systems for High-rise Buildings, and conduct product quality inspections, energy-saving special acceptances, and project completion filings. The key link is to supervise and resolutely stop the bad wind of malicious competition at low prices.

    Source: Shun Wang-Jinan Daily

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