Wanda Feifan accused of layoffs

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    Abstract: A WeChat screenshot circulating on the Internet shows that the layoff process is as follows: employees leave before they are normalized; the second wave is leaving with historical auditing interim report, for example, there was a bill slipping behavior on Double Eleven last year; the third wave For the year-end assessment is rated below B.

    Yesterday, when Wanda Group Chairman Wang Sicong (blog) released the platform for Suning's "Big Development Strategy", Wanda Feifan was accused of mass layoffs and will lay off 70% of its employees.

    A WeChat screenshot circulating on the Internet shows that the layoff process is as follows: employees go first without being normalized; the second wave is leaving with historical auditing interim report, such as the billing behavior on Double Eleven last year; the third wave is the end of the year The assessment is rated as B or lower.

    It is reported that according to many rules, two thirds of the people under the Wanda Feifan system have to leave.

    "It's really a business adjustment. Many employees have abandoned it near the end of the year. But 70% of many statistics don't ask me where I came from." A relevant person in charge of Wanda Networks said in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter that Specific personnel adjustment ratio, currently not selected.

    In fact, Wanda's e-commerce was a business that Wang Sicong attached great importance to, and many business sectors once represented Wang Sicong's ambitions for W2 Group's O2O business.

    In 2014, Wanda, Baidu and Tencent had held press conferences and signed a joint investment of 100 billion yuan to establish an e-commerce company, creating the world's largest O2O e-commerce company, of which Wanda holds 70% of the shares. Two years later, "Teng million" ended, and Wanda re-registered a company called "New Feifan" to continue to operate Feifan e-commerce. Currently, Feifan Company belongs to Wanda Network Technology Group.

    But in operation, Feifan's development is really not satisfactory.

    In October 2016, Wanda signed the establishment of "Wanda Network Technology Group", with Qu Dejun, the former Wanda Commercial Real Estate Executive President as the group president. Its subsidiaries include Feifan Information Company, Haiding Company, Network Data Center, Quick Money Payment Company, and DaDa. Data credit companies, online credit companies.

    In October of this year, Wanda reorganized the business section of Wangke Group, and also made a new revision to Feifan. Liu Yun, who has joined Wanda Network Technology Group for more than a year and served as chief operating officer, stressed at the time that Feifan will no longer be another e-commerce platform. It would have personalized "shopping guides" and provided users with personalized selection, Full scene experience and social networking.

    After the adjustment, the business segments of Wanda Network Technology Group include four major segments: digital commerce, smart education and living, fintech and public cloud services. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter, the new version of Feifan APP has added financial ports to provide services such as Feifan wealth management.

    In fact, from Qu Dejun's transfer, it is not necessary to see the importance that Wang Sicong attaches to many business sectors.

    At the 2016 annual meeting of Wanda Group, Wang Sicong stated in his speech that the group approved the development plan of the network technology group from 2017 to 2019, and also approved the group's five-year funding plan. According to many plans, the network technology group will strive for 2018 Realize overall profit, with a profit of over 10 billion yuan in 2020, and achieve the overall listing of the group.

    According to Wanda's 2017 annual work report, Wanda Wangke Group's revenue in 2016 was 4.19 billion yuan, and the revenue target set for Wanda Wangke Group in 2017 was 6.5 billion yuan. In addition, Feifan will also conduct a Series A private placement, with a planned fundraising of 100 billion yuan. The demonstration project and valuation evaluation report must be completed in the last four days. The third quarter opened a private placement.

    In September this year, Bloomberg News quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Wanda Group postponed a 100 billion yuan share placement plan for its Internet subsidiary. There is no latest news on the progress of the financing plan.

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