2015 annual results released Most benchmark housing companies exceeded standards

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    In the round of "save the market" sound, the real estate market in 2015 went out of the curve of first suppression and then rising. On the premise of the general warming of real estate companies, sales performance continued to climb year-on-year, and the scale of the business further expanded. Finally, at the end of the year, a good answer was given.

    Most benchmark housing companies have exceeded their standards

    In the past few days, Evergrande , Sunac, Country Garden and other benchmark housing companies have successively released the 2015 annual performance report. It is not difficult to find out which companies have “over-completed” labels.

    On January 4, Evergrande Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. responded that the contracted sales amount for 2015 was approximately 2013.04 billion yuan, 134.2% of the contracted sales target of 10 billion yuan before the adjustment was completed, and 111.9% of the adjusted contracted sales target of 110 billion yuan was completed. %.

    On the same day, Sunac China posted results. In 2015, it achieved sales of 73.46 billion yuan. Compared with the 610 billion sales target set at the beginning of the year, the actual completion rate reached 111%.

    On January 6, Country Garden issued a performance announcement saying that as of December 31, 2015, the group, together with the joint venture and Xinying, had achieved a contracted sales amount of approximately 140.16 billion yuan, with a sales target completion rate of 104%.

    According to Kerr's data statistics, among the typical 20 benchmark housing enterprises, 10 companies including China Resources Land, China Shipping, Gold Land and Longhu all successfully cleared customs at a rate of 100% exceeding the annual sales target. Industry insiders pointed out that under a series of favorable policy stimulus, market sales gradually picked up in the second quarter of last year, until the fourth quarter of real estate companies sprinted, all the way up. The reporter noticed that in the fourth quarter, the sales value of many real estate companies accounted for more than 40% of the annual average. In November last year, companies including Evergrande, Zhonghai, and Longguang responded to complete the annual sales target in advance. The increase in sales targets has just been completed and has been easily accomplished.

    Among the above-mentioned companies that exceeded the standard, some real estate companies have completed their annual goals. According to Kerr data, Poly Real Estate (Poly Xishanlin Poly Poly New Jasmine Mansion) had sales of 147.1 billion yuan in 2015, compared with its annual target of 10 billion yuan, achieving only 98%; while the annual sales of Wanda and Greenland were 1513 100 billion yuan and 2015 billion yuan, with compliance rates of 100% and 72%, respectively.

    Although at that time, it can still be seen from the statistical data that the average sales target completion rate of 20 benchmark housing companies was 98%, and each of them met the expectations at the beginning of the year.

    Expansion of 100 billion legions

    In 2015, there were still 7 real estate companies that achieved annual sales of 100 billion, including Vanke , Evergrande, Greenland, Wanda, China Shipping, Poly, and Country Garden. The lineup pattern has been more than one since 2012 and has been broken. Many people in the industry believe that these 7 housing companies have just started and completed a national layout very early. They have a high market share in key cities across the country. They are mainly engaged in the development of products that are just needed and have high turnover. Tips for staying in the first camp.

    There is also change among the same. For example, just before the beginning of this year, Vanke took the lead in hitting the sales scale of 10 billion yuan; last year, just three companies broke into the 10 billion magnitude scale. The strong presence of Evergrande and Greenland made Vanke no longer the only company.

    Compared with the 100 billion camps that are difficult to break through, the changes of small and medium-sized housing enterprises are more active. According to Kerr data, more than 10 billion real estate companies have increased by one compared with last year, and Gemdale has entered this rank for the first time with a sales value of 62.1 billion yuan. And the number of housing enterprises above 10 billion has increased by 9 from last year. The competition among real estate companies below 10 billion is the most intense, with 51 real estate companies.

    TOP100 housing company sales in 2015 exceeded 10 billion in integrity, and the threshold for 10 billion housing enterprises has further increased, from 7 billion yuan last year to 10.4 billion yuan.

    ■ Focus

    M & A is busy

    In 2015, as the property market is heating up, housing companies are selling land while hunting the land market . With the continuous rise in land prices, more than one obvious question is that in addition to the bidding and auction of real estate companies last year, the proportion of acquisitions and acquisitions of enterprises or projects has increased significantly.

    Rongchuang Creation is recognized as the "King of Acquisition". In 2015, it continued to move forward. In May, Shanghai Ronglv was taken out. In July, it acquired 7 projects from Zhongyu Land in Chengdu. In August, it acquired Wuhan Midland Real Estate's project companies. At the end of August, it successively acquired Shanghai Fengdan's 38% equity and Tianlang tended to stabilize 6 projects in Jinan, Nanjing and Chengdu. In September, it reorganized Yurun.

    In 2015, more than 64.4% of the land bank increased by Rongxinxin was acquired through mergers and acquisitions, consciously avoiding the open land market with fierce competition. As of the end of 2015, Sunac's land bank reached 442.7 billion, of which 157.6 billion were acquired through public bidding, and 285.1 billion were acquired through mergers and acquisitions.

    Sun Hongbin , Chairman of Sunac China, said that he just said he had the "know-how", but it was needless to say that he was concerned about one or two million just after the negotiation, and there were more than one billion and one more billions of dollars added during the bidding.

    The original merger and acquisition frenzy was Evergrande. Its announcement shows that it has spent more than 10 billion on acquisition projects in the past year. It has just obtained the shares of Sanjiang Aerospace Real Estate and Zhongyu Land. It has also taken a number of large-scale projects from well-known housing companies such as Chinese Real Estate, Zhongyu Land, Sino Land, etc. At the beginning of December, it again acquired more than 1 billion Hong Kong New World with a large sum of 13.5 billion. Very large projects.

    In addition to Sunac and Evergrande, Poly has acquired over 100% of the shares of Shangge Group at a low price; Vanke has acquired the shares of Greenview China Real Estate, becoming the second largest shareholder and acquiring a number of projects.

    Testing the Internet Finance

    After frequent attempts to "touch the net", such as online house sales and online and offline linkages, the vast majority of real estate companies seem to have found an effective way to profit from the Internet based on their own conditions. This is Internet finance. People in the industry pointed out that just now, all of the financial institutions are still able to form a complementary relationship with the real estate industry. More than one of the financial industry has just been one of the focal points of the transformation of housing enterprises in the past two or three years.

    According to incomplete statistics, at present, the owners of financial services for the development of real estate enterprises have cooperated with banks and existing financial institutions in commerce and business, and have just set up a trustee's financial company.

    Through the acquisition of measures to develop the Internet financial broadening platform has become the first choice of wealthy leading real estate companies, such as Greenland and Qihoo business cooperation, Wanda acquisition of quick money, and so on. Some small and medium-sized housing companies have strengthened business and business cooperation through the establishment of real estate-related funds. In this regard, many companies such as Contemporary Land, Beijing Urban Construction, and Zhongtianchengtou have fund business cooperation with banks. In addition, insurance shares and trust companies have become more "popular" in the past year. For example, Greenland invested in Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Trust, Wanda invested in Centennial Life, and Evergrande established a trustee's life company.

    Carry out "sideline business" to the end

    Wanda acquired Australia's second-largest cinema line Hoyts, Evergrande's football and won the AFC Champions League. The cultural and travel developments of these two large real estate companies snatched a lot of "headlines" in 2015. As a real estate company, it will be a "sideline" business. Raw water starts.

    At present, housing companies have seen the development potential of the cultural and sports industries. Taihe Real Estate set up Taihe Culture Company, with the goal of providing professional post-operations for its Taihe Theater, Taihe Fantasy World and other projects; In addition, in the field of theater lines, in addition to Wanda and Evergrande, there are also Shimao and Poly. Broader layout.

    The successful bid for the Winter Olympics has made housing companies more interested in the sports industry. In addition to Wanda's large acquisition of Swiss Infront, its participation in Atletico Madrid, and the successful acquisition of Triathlon, Jiazhaoye also obtained 11 years of operation and management rights of Guanlan Sports Park in Shenzhen Longhua New District through public bidding. The establishment of a cultural group will be an effective attempt for Kaisa's light asset operation in the future.