"Professionalization" will become a problem Dawning subway concept is the key word of the 2016 Zhengzhou property market

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    In 2015, Zhengzhou's house prices have embarked on the first steadily rising road in the changing market situation. The central bank's repeated interest rate cuts, provident fund discounted commercial loans, and the full liberalization of the "two children" policy have also added a lot to the steady rise in Zhengzhou's house prices. Naturally, the report on the transaction situation of the Zhengzhou land market is also a constant surprise. At the same time, the performance of emerging regions near Zhengzhou has also improved. Very eye-catching. However, the words "slow housing", "land cabbage price" and "oligopoly era" are also full of people's attention. This makes the 2016 Zhengzhou real estate market's trend of deletion and modification very clear. Without the 2016 Zhengzhou real estate market trend, how can it be done? Song Peiyi

    Competition intensifies next year

    The slight upward trend in house prices will not let it change

    Zhengzhou's house prices were also turbulent in 2015. Fortunately, they continued to rise steadily with pride. For the 2016 Zhengzhou house prices, the rumors and bearish voices on the Internet are endless, but it seems that the skyrocketing and slumping prices are not the same. Because, according to some agency surveys, most people still prefer to believe that house prices in Zhengzhou will rise and fall in 2016, slightly rising.

    In this regard, Shangguan Tongjun, an expert in real estate practice and chairman of Henan Ace Planning Co., Ltd., said that the rise and fall of house prices in 2016 are in two aspects because: first, the economic situation continues to be severe and inflationary pressures are high; second, new urbanization The real estate opportunities brought by the population into the cities of Zhengzhou will promote Zhengzhou's housing prices to continue to rise steadily in 2016.

    In 2016, the inventory pressure of the Zhengzhou property market is still very high, but the fierce competition between housing companies has said that it has weakened. It is also difficult to make a big leap in the quality and characteristics of real estate projects in the short term, but in Shangguan Tongjun It seems that the pillar role of real estate is to reiterate once again that Zhengzhou's GDP is also continuously moving forward in the national city rankings. At the same time, the new urbanization model is a great practice in the vicinity of Zhengzhou. Deletion and modification cannot continue to be applied and promoted, nor can it continue to be pulled. The Greater Zhengzhou City Framework will be incorporated into the national positioning of Zhengzhou as a regional central city, and the real estate industry will continue to develop healthily .

    Henan is China's largest population province, with 18 prefecture-level cities, so Zhengzhou's annual population inflow is about hundreds of thousands. It is no problem to report that Zhengzhou's population density is concentrated. This is a trend that is too difficult to change. The increase in demand is too difficult to change, the consumption of inventory will also increase, coupled with the country's strategic direction of destocking, the favorable policy of the property market is also due to the continuous introduction of many, many trends in Zhengzhou's house prices slightly increase is not Let it change.

    Docklands heat continues

    Metro concept is the 2016 property market keywords

    In 2015, Zhengzhou land ushered in auctions for many times. As a whole, reports of problems in the southwest are cheaper and the northeast is more expensive. This issue report is closely related to the development and construction heat of the region. With the construction of the Longhu Sub-CBD in Zhengdong New District, the completion of the subway, and the near completion of supporting facilities, the heat of the Northeast Plate will continue without problems. The future Northeast Plate is It is because it is more eye-catching, and it must be because it has become a place where major real estate companies must compete.

    At the same time, Song Xiangqing, Secretary General of Henan Province ’s Executive Vice President of Business Economics , believes that although the land in Southwest China is not valued by the market, the future development of Southwest China will also show a good trend. Mind Mind Mind Sexuality Mental growth period, Changxi Lake area also serves as the administrative center of Zhengzhou, planning is also based on high-end, ecological, livable, and ultimately because it has become the first-class core urban area of the provincial capital, so the land price in the southwest has risen Great potential.

    With the transformation of Zhengzhou's Zhongyuan District, Erqi District, Guancheng District, Huiji District and other new urbanization constructions, the enthusiasm for large-scale development of major sectors has continued to increase. Business, schools and other supporting facilities have also been strengthened accordingly, and the value of the area has been reflected accordingly. The economic development zone and the airport zone are particularly optimistic.

    Song Xiangqing said: "The airport port area is a hotspot area with a lot of investment and development. It has a large capacity, large space, and high industrial supporting facilities. As a national strategy, the port area has a corresponding amount of capital and talent investment. Especially with the supporting industries , The improvement of three-dimensional transportation hubs, and the use of the terminal building, which will make the air terminal area unabated. "The rise of various regions also reflects the rising of the real estate market in Zhengzhou City. With the subway and other transportation When the facilities are completed, the subway concept will be the core keyword of Zhengzhou's real estate market in 2016. Both developers and Zhengzhou citizens' concerns about inconvenience to traffic will be swept away. The potential economic value brought by subway operation is huge. Whether the increase in house prices or land prices is expected.

    Facing the crisis of survival

    "Professionalization" will be a dawning problem

    "Large developers in first-tier cities are quickly deploying to second- and third-tier cities, and industry concentration has increased; Zhengzhou local developers and many small and medium-sized developers are very difficult to survive," said Liu She, a professor at Henan University of Economics and Law and director of the Urban Development Research Center. Real estate bid farewell to high-speed growth, the industry reshuffled, integration has intensified, and fierce competition between housing companies has been added. In recent years, many foreign developers have been optimistic about the broad development prospects of the Zhengzhou real estate market and gradually grabbed the Zhengzhou market. With confidence, strength, and brand advantages, the arm shouted to attract countless fans to pay for their real estate.

    As a local development company in Zhengzhou, it has the natural flavor of chloridite. It is better at acquiring land and understanding buyers , and it is more precise in grasping the market demand. This shows that the competition between local and foreign housing companies is quite fierce.

    Although this small and medium-sized real estate company can withstand the pressure for the time being, meet the difficulties and play the role of the mainstay, but this does not seem to change the trend of real estate market restructuring. Judging from the sales performance of housing companies in 2015, the performance of most small and medium-sized housing companies has shown a red light, while the performance of many first-line housing companies has seen a large increase. Under the prevalence of front-line housing enterprises, are small and medium-sized housing enterprises cutting meat, exiting, or transforming? The choice between life and death seems extremely difficult.

    Talking about the development and transformation of small and medium-sized real estate companies, Liu said that first, there are data showing that dozens of companies in A-share listed real estate companies have denied complete "derealization", and most of them are SMEs. There are many, many small and medium-sized real estate companies that have not been able to reduce their prices to promote their inventory. The day before they left, they switched industries. Second, reduce the amount of development to reduce the cost of development, "intensive farming" in the real estate field, and do a good job; third, mergers or restructuring, merged by this housing company, or cooperate with the media of this small and medium-sized real estate company to move towards "large, "Strength, precision, expertise, production" direction to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; Fourth, brand and various innovations should be valued by breadth; Fifth, cooperate with Internet finance to implement diversified development; Sixth, transformation of asset-heavy enterprises For asset-light enterprises, transform into a new lifestyle service provider, and let the owners buy and delete urban houses, but said there are three new life experiences.