City Transportation Research Team Helps Huayuan Village Road Enhancement

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□ Reporter Du Siyuan Correspondent Liu Ning

On the 27th, Deputy Mayor Huang Yangming led a traffic investigation team composed of personnel from relevant units of the city's transportation system to Huayuan Village, Nanma Town, to conduct field investigations on the work related to road construction.

The traffic survey team and the Huayuan Village route map examined the extension of Huaxia Avenue to Huanan Road, Huaxia Avenue to Huanlong Road via 217 Provincial Highway, passing the Liutang Community to Dayong Line, and Huanliu Road to Luonan Road to Huanan Road. Golden Chicken Cage Bridge and other sections. Along the way, the traffic investigation team learned about the overview of Huayuan Village and the road traffic layout in detail while studying and discussing the problems existing in the process of advancing the traffic engineering of the village, and put forward professional suggestions and measures.

The city leaders fully affirmed the various achievements made in the preliminary transportation infrastructure construction of Huayuan Village, hoping that the village will use its own advantages to build a model highway in our city, optimize transportation to activate the development of new kinetic energy, and realize the "beautiful transportation +" model.