"Woodcarving Prime Minister" Huang Zijin's Former Residence Unveiled

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□ Reporter Wang Qianmei

Yesterday afternoon, the unveiling ceremony of Huang Zijin's former residence of "Prince of Woodcarving " was held in Huangdahu Natural Village, Huxi Town. Wang Tianren, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, participated in the event.

Master Huang Zijin of "Wood Carving Prime Minister" is the representative of the inheritance of Dongyang woodcarving, a national intangible cultural heritage, and has made outstanding contributions to the inheritance and development of Dongyang woodcarving.

It is reported that after the reconstruction of Huang Zijin's former residence, the "Prince of Wood Carving" will focus on the display of yellow, purple and gold wood carvings scattered among the folk for tourists to visit and study, and serve as a wood carving professional industry communication base.

This year marks the 125th anniversary of Huang Zijin's birthday. Yesterday, his family members and apprentices and grandchildren from all over the country gathered together to participate in the wood carving prime minister Huang Zijin Art Forum to remember the contribution Huang Zijin has made to the inheritance and development of Dongyang wood carving art, and to explore how Dongyang wood carving will continue in the future And constantly introduce new.