Implement special person management to do a good job of supervision

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□ Reporter Du Siyuan

Early yesterday morning, city leaders Hu Yongchun, Jiang Lingshu, Lou Guomin, and Hua Weiyue led a team to Wuning Street to inspect the development of the nation ’s civilized cities .

The city leaders inspected Shude Road, Luyi Vegetable Farm, Luyi Community, Peace Fruit Wholesale Market, Peace Vegetable Wholesale Market and other places in Luzhai Community. Judging from the inspection, the sanitary appearance, traffic order, and "creative" atmosphere of various places have changed significantly compared with the past. During the inspection, it was found that the migrant workers' "road market" near the intersection of Shude Road and Wuning East Road was poorly cleaned and the electric vehicles were parked at will. In this regard, the city leaders demanded that the relevant persons in charge of the streets strengthen their persuasion. The sanitary appearance of public toilets in Luyi Vegetable Farm still needs to be improved; the free space inside Luyi Community needs to be unified and rationally planned; the peace fruit wholesale market still needs to be benchmarked in the implementation of "creative".

City leaders demanded that, in the next step, the sub-districts should implement the management of special personnel as well as the work of supervision and timely management; relevant functional departments should implement "supervision + law enforcement" to ensure the long-term consolidation of the "creative" results in the market.