Provincial Supervision Team Comes to East for Second Round Supervision

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□ Reporter Chen Yong

Through three-day fixed-point visits and random inspections, data review and discussions, clear inspections, and unannounced visits, yesterday afternoon, the provincial key work first supervision group held a feedback meeting to provide feedback to the city. Implementation of the four tasks of co-governance, comprehensive environmental improvement of small towns, and classification of domestic waste . Hu Yongchun, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, Fang Xuefei, standing member of the municipal party committee, and nationals of the deputy mayor Lou attended the meeting.

At the feedback meeting, Hu Yongchun made a brief report on the implementation of relevant key work in our city. In terms of three reforms and one demolition, the city aims to create a "basically no illegal construction city", and vigorously promotes the clearing of existing illegal constructions, new illegal construction management and control, and the reconstruction of urban villages and old residential areas. This year 155.67 has been demolished. 10,000 square meters, three changes of 1.689 million square meters; in the area of co-governance of five waters, the city focused on promoting the establishment of a "zero sewage straight drainage zone", has now basically completed the construction of 113 living quarters, 4 industrial parks, Liushi Street, The construction of 7 townships including Hulu Town is about to be completed. In terms of comprehensive environmental improvement of small towns, the city has strengthened the construction of long-term mechanisms for the improvement of small towns and implemented five major promotion actions. It is planned to complete all 15 townships and townships within 3 years. In terms of the classification of domestic garbage, the city has comprehensively promoted the construction of garbage classification, strengthened the construction of renewable resources recycling outlets and sorting centers. At present, 53 garbage classification and treatment villages have been completed, and the urban domestic garbage classification coverage is 80%.

Through two rounds of supervision, the provincial supervision team fully affirmed the implementation of the city's key tasks and believed that the city attached great importance to the four key tasks, carefully deployed them, paid close attention to implementation, and achieved remarkable results.

On the next step, the provincial supervision team pointed out that Dongyang should continue to take effective measures to eliminate the illegal construction of existing stocks and strictly control the increase of illegal construction; raise the bar, increase investment, and expand the construction of the "zero sewage direct discharge zone", focusing on small and micro water bodies Routine inspection and supervision, do a good job in the sewage facilities renovation and technology upgrade in the main urban area, and effectively improve the water quality of the whole region; actively implement and promote the construction of beautiful small towns; Urban coverage; emphasis on landscaping and greening on both sides of some highways. At the same time, I hope that our city will aim at the forefront of the province and continuously improve various levels of governance.

Hu Yongchun said that, with regard to the opinions and suggestions put forward by the provincial supervision team, the city will take the problem as an opportunity, follow the full receipt, comprehensively rectify, and fill in the shortcomings, and take the affirmation as the driving force, recognize the situation, keep awake, and go to zero Further intensify efforts to coordinate the advancement of various tasks, and achieve better results.