Gao Yixiang's friend wrote a message in mourning, saying that his body was not stuffed into the box, and he saw the situation collapse instantly.

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During this time, everyone must have been screened by Gao Yixiang 's name. Perhaps many people were not familiar with him before. But in the past few days, I saw too many reports about him and got a deep understanding of him. Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1984, he is just 35 years old this year. He loves fitness, loves to play basketball , is cheerful, and treats friends, relatives, colleagues, and fans with a very friendly and enthusiastic attitude. He is very gentle and has good looks, and he has a 1.95 meter The head can be said to be a perfect male star.

A few years ago, he became popular because he played the actor Wang Lichuan in the urban emotional TV series "Meet Wang Lichuan". In this play, he performed Wang Lichuan's role very well. Gentle gentleman, just like him in real life, many girls regarded him as his male god because of watching this play.

Now, his sudden departure has made it difficult for many people to accept, what a young life, how warm a person, so hurriedly. Many celebrities in the entertainment industry have posted articles in mourning, expressing their unbelief and unwillingness to believe. Gao Yixiang passed away in Ningbo Hospital of Zhejiang. After several rounds, he returned to Taipei First Funeral Home on December 2.

Gao Yixiang had a very good relationship before his death, so he has a lot of friends, and he is also the one with deep feelings. When he fainted, his long-time friend Lu Yi learned that he immediately booked a ticket to fly to him, but did not expect to receive the news of his departure midway through the trip.

According to Lu Yi recalling his feelings at that time, it was unknown when Gao Yixiang passed out. Later, when he got the news, he was stunned and wept along the way. Feeling like an empty shell, he also described the scene when he saw a friend, until I saw you lying in the box, the long legs were not too tight, and I collapsed. I want to yell you to wake up, why is this so? Didn't you agree to attend Mao's wedding the day after tomorrow to be his best man?

In just a few words, people rushed to tears after watching. "Long-legged races don't go very much. It really collapses when I see it here. How can such a good person disappear?" A few words, I really feel heartache!

It can be seen how good the relationship between Lu Yi and Gao Yixiang was during his lifetime. It felt like a brother. Today, Gao Yixiang has left forever. If there is a future life, I hope the two will continue their brotherhood.