Gao Yixiang boarded the TV series award for the best actor! Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo fans urged to be touched

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No one knows which tomorrow or accident will come first. At the age of 35, when Gao Yixiang recorded the "Follow Me" variety show, he died unfortunately due to sudden cardiac death, and the bad news shocked the entertainment industry. This accident not only caused heartaches to friends and fans in the circle, but also turned an entertainment event into a social public opinion, which aroused discussion and entertainment attention on the entire network. From condemning Zhejiang TV's questioning who's responsible to reflecting on the ills of reality show variety show recording, from focusing on the sudden death of cardiogenic diseases to white-collar workers' "overwork" in the workplace, the crisis hidden behind various industries is related to the physical and mental health of each person Safety.

After Gao Yixiang's body was returned to Taiwan on the 2nd, he is currently suspended at the First Funeral Parlour in Taipei. On the 3rd, Gao Yixiang performed his "first seven ceremonies". Gao Yixiang's parents and girlfriends appeared in black. During this period, relatives and friends continued to send flowers to mourn. Since the Lingtang has been unable to place too many wreaths, bouquets commissioned by more than 30 mainland fans were delivered to the scene. However, to this day, I believe many people still cannot accept the reality that Gao Yixiang has left. (Penguin: Southern Dialect Entertainment is original, plagiarism is prohibited.) Gao Yixiang boarded the TV series to reward the actor first! Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo fans vowed that they were moved.

Gao Yixiang became popular by starring in the TV series "Meet Wang Lichuan". The gentle and elegant image in the play has attracted many fans. His gentleman in life is gentle and graceful. He has been obsessed with acting in the entertainment circle. He should have better Development and life ended abruptly due to an accident. Coinciding with the actor voting during the Weibo TV drama awards, in the early morning of the 4th, Gao Yixiang topped the Weibo TV drama awards for the first male actor, ending his half-life acting career with such honors, and it was also a painting for his life. A complete period.

Behind the honor of "The Greatest Actor in a TV Series" is the result of the joint efforts of fans across the Internet.

Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo fans, Li Xian fans, and all other star fans have called on fans to stop voting for their idols, and instead gave their votes to Gao Yixiang, which may be the last actor award Gao Yixiang won. And the warmth of such fans is really moving. Every star-chasing girl has a tender heart.

With Gao Yixiang's gentle temperament that does not fight for fame, he may still lack a good play and role to explode. In terms of fans and traffic, it is naturally not comparable to popular niche, but his acting skills are not inferior to others. The honor is both moving and regrettable. He could have had the opportunity to obtain these with his own ability. He could have had better development opportunities in the entertainment industry. He could have married and had children to enjoy the most ordinary and simple happiness. However, all this is no longer possible, such gentle gentlemen can only exist in heaven.


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