The fashion queen Carina Lau, who uses maturity as capital, is not a burden, but a precipitation of years.

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When it comes to Carina Lau , I think everyone is no stranger. Although she was not outstanding among a group of Hong Kong sisters in the golden age when she was young, her appearance was slightly weak. But as the years settled, her confidence and charm attracted many people.

In addition to boldly taking the sexy route, Carina Lau also has a more conservative dress. When attending a brand event in Taipei this year, Carina Lau chose a black printed dress.

As for the baby's mix, Carina Lau chose a blue crocodile leather bag. This choice is very correct, because originally, this skirt is a bit fancy, so the choice of accessories should be simple, to avoid conflicts, maybe this is why Carina Lau did not wear a necklace again.

If the event clothing is carefully crafted by designers, then regular clothes are a place that reflects the female star clothing. This spring, Carina Lau showed off a set of photos while she was enjoying cherry blossoms in Japan. The clothes in her photos are still beautiful.

Carina Lau in the photo wore a suit and suit, and she was a very capable woman. The brown coat is simple and atmospheric, and she looks better with a lining. It has a slim white T inside, which is simple and not at peace.

An immutable theorem for maintaining body shape is exercise. Carina Lau could have such skin state and body state at the age of 54, which is inseparable from her long-term exercise habit.

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