Two great Xinjiang beauties fighting together: Nazar fairy style, Reba beautiful

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On the evening of December 3, the red carpet ceremony of the fashion cosmo beautiful ceremony gathered the stars. The most interesting thing is the appearance and performance of the actresses. It can be said that the most amazing is Di Lierba .

The shape of Reba is really amazing. It is a blue mop dress with blue glitter on it, just like the blue mermaid just out of the ground, sparkling, and her hairstyle is also full of princesses. With exquisite makeup, it is beautiful.

In fact, Reba is usually relatively conservative. This rare show has a good figure, and the curve is very eye-catching. I didn't expect that the thin Reba was so expected. Sure enough, the actress will only grow long on the right. The place.

This waist-to-hip ratio is really amazing. The slender waistline and graceful figure show elegance in every move. This time, Rareba who has taken the sexy route is very rare. The response is pretty good. In this direction?

Nazha, also a representative of Xinjiang beauty , is also very expressive. Nazha wore a silver sequined long dress, and the golden feather tube top showed a dreamlike look, noble and elegant, like a mermaid shining with light.

Naza is really the little fairy herself. Her complexion is very white, she is white to light on the red carpet, and Yingying's small waist is also inseparable.

Reba and Naza are on the same stage, and will be inevitably compared. After all, they are high-beautiful Xinjiang beauties. Both of them are very good in appearance and body.

However, by contrast, Reba's style will indeed be more eye-catching. The rare show sexy makes people shine. Naza's style is very fairy, but it is not as amazing as Reba, it is a conservative and error-free type.

In fact, the two red beauties are very expressive this time, and they can't be distinguished from each other. They both showed their body advantages and temperament. It really is the representative of Xinjiang beautiful women.