After 5 days of negotiation, there was no result. The members of the jury in the Gao Yunxiang case were officially dismissed, and the case will be postponed to next year.

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On December 4, the fifth day after the closing of the Gao Yunxiang case, the 12 jury members still did not discuss a unified result. In this regard, the judge announced the dissolution of the jury members of the Gao Yunxiang case, and the case will be postponed to next year. At the same time, the court also issued a "reporting injunction", requiring the details discussed in the court not to be made public.

Since the case of Gao Yunxiang was exposed at the end of March last year, it has now passed 615 days, and it was thought that in the final judgment in October this year, the Gao Yunxiang case will have a final result, but it was not expected that the case had Various details are controversial, so after 5 days of discussion among the jury members, it is still difficult to reach a consensus, so the jury members must not be dismissed by a judge.

According to relevant regulations, when the jury members are disbanded, the court will re-invite the community to form a new jury member, and this time will be several months. The Gao Yunxiang case will also be overturned after 615 days. In the end, the final court hearing will be repeated again.

The 12 jury members who were disbanded by Gao Yunxiang were composed of 7 men and 5 women from all walks of life. Although it is not known in which details the jury members are unable to reach an agreement, it is reported that in fact, most of the jury members are more inclined to be innocent, but due to the unified answer of 11 or more jury members Gao Yunxiang can be found not guilty, so from this perspective, there may still be 2 or 3 members who are more inclined to testify of the victim.

However, although the case of Gao Yunxiang is very protracted so far and will be overturned next year, it does not exclude the possibility that the prosecution will not prosecute Gao Yunxiang, and if the final prosecutor is seeking the consent of the victim, Gao Yunxiang will not be sued Then, in the end, Gao Yunxiang will also be acquitted.