Zhejiang Satellite TV was hit hard! New Year's Eve concert can not invite guests, even the chief sponsor has withdrawn!

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It's already December in 2019, with eyes closed on 2019 coming to an end, and David is busy. For several major TV stations, the annual New Year's Eve party is a top priority, and this year is of course no exception.

A few days ago, Hunan Satellite TV announced the star guest lineup for the 2020 New Year's Eve Party. Apart from that, Hunan Satellite TV is very domineering with only the slogan “Four sons, three small, double top stream, three explosions, old four big new four big new old four small double eleven plus nine groups”, Hunan Satellite TV declared "I'm sorry" We have nothing but the top stream. "

It's no wonder that Hunan Satellite TV is so hard-hearted. Judging from the star guest lineup, it's true that almost all the top traffic in the entertainment industry has been invited. Not only the guest lineup attracted much attention, but the host lineup was also very eye-catching. He Zhe Wang Han and other hosted circles were all in it. What's even more surprising is that Wang Yibo also joined the host, which is also recognition of Wang Yibo's chairmanship.

After Hunan TV announced the lineup for the New Year's Eve, Jiangsu TV also announced the theme and guest lineup for the 2020 New Year's Eve concert. This morning, Jiangsu Satellite TV posted the logo of the 2020 New Year's Eve Party on the official Weibo. The logo is a drop of still water. The meaning is that you can play casually. I will just rest assured that my party will be fine. The theme is to illuminate happiness with struggle.

I believe that many people are very concerned about the guest lineup of Jiangsu Satellite TV. Similar to previous sessions, Jiangsu Satellite TV has basically invited powerful singers in the music industry. Li Yuchun, Deng Ziqi, Lin Junjie, Wang Lihong and others will make their appearances.

Seeing that both Hunan and Jiangsu have announced the guest lineup, Zhejiang Satellite TV is also a bit unable to sit still. This is not the case, Zhejiang Satellite TV also announced the theme of the 2020 New Year's Eve Concert, which is "Leading for three years and returning for the new year".

Throughout Zhejiang Satellite TV's previous New Year's Eve party, the guest lineup is very luxurious. But this year is different. Since the Gao Yixiang incident, everyone's favorability towards Zhejiang Satellite TV has dropped to freezing point. Affected by the incident of Gao Yixiang, this year's Zhejiang Satellite TV really can't invite any influential guests. It can only invite the men's team and star guests who have cooperated in the past, and these people may not yet be present.

There is a saying that is well-known, "Fu Wushuang is not alone in its misfortune." Now it is most suitable for Zhejiang Satellite TV. Even if you ca n’t invite star guests to the party, even the chief title sponsor of the New Year's Eve Party announced the cancellation of cooperation.

The current situation of Zhejiang Satellite TV is indeed not optimistic. Let's wait and see what kind of New Year's Eve party can be held!